SS OMs Tournament (Won by Ivar57!)

Welcome to the SS OMs Tournament!

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • The banlists for this tournament are the same as each format of the Smogon University server of Pokemon Showdown.
  • Best-of-5 including 5 of SS Almost Any Ability, SS Balanced Hackmons, SS Godly Gift, SS Mix and Mega, SS NFE, and SS STABmons (you will find sample teams for every tier by clicking on these links!).
  • First game of each week chosen by !pick, all following games picked by the loser of the previous game.
  • Single Elimination.
  • Battles must take place on ROM, because SS OMs are not challengeable on Pokemon Showdown.
  • Replays are required.
Round 2

Hats  vs  Axzel
Les2BG  vs  Fraise
Alex Jones  vs  SpaceSpeakers
Caroline u-u  vs  Senko
Osake  vs  abriel
VoltyPichu  vs  Quantum Tesseract
Dragonillis  vs  tipulipa
Ivar57  vs  Career Ended
TTTech  vs  Tea Guzzler
pannu  vs  pulsar512b
Frixel  vs  Giga-Chandélure
hayedenn  vs  Rex15808


First tier must be MnM this week!
Deadline is Monday 14th at 10am GMT+2

Challenge codes due to some wrong implementations in AAA, MnM & STAB
/challenge gen8almostanyability@@@+cinderace, +zygarde-10
/challenge gen8mixandmega@@@+Zygarde, +Kyurem
/challenge gen8stabmons@@@+Kyurem, +Cinderace
Gl hf!
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